Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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PRESENTATIONS: End of season awards


Rider Of The Year – Dillon Ruml

Bonus Point King – Dillon Ruml

Young Rider Of The Year – Jack Thomas

Achievement Of The Year – Scott Nicholls (on reaching 1000th official appearances in British Speedway)

Signing Of The Year – Aaron Summers

Performance Of The Year – Cameron Heeps (home and away to Plymouth in Jubilee League)

Unluckiest Rider Of The Year – Josh Macdonald

Most Improved Rider – Dillon Ruml


Rider Of The Year – Jordan Jenkins

Bonus Point King – Jody Scott

Young Rider Of The Year – Sam Hagon

Achievement Of The Year – Jordan Jenkins (for winning NLRC)

Signing Of The Year – Henry Atkins

Performance Of The Year – Nathan Stoneman (at Armadale)

Unluckiest Rider Of The Year – Luke Killeen

Most Improved Rider – Arran Butcher


Mascot Of The Year (from Supporters’ Club): Chloe Davis

Unsung Hero Of The Year: Colin Pollard and the whole team who got the stadium ready for opening night

Plus, there was a special presentation to Peter Schroeck, Kevin Boothby and Ken Soanes (Monarch) from Jamie Courtney.

And the riders from both sides (plus management) were awarded medals for being part of our regeneration season.

PHOTO by Steve Edmunds