Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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BRITISH UNDER-19 FINAL REPORT: Luke out of luck after engine failure

LUKE Killeen’s hopes of a rostrum placing in the British Under-19 Final at Birmingham last night (Wednesday) were ended by an engine failure.

The 18-year-old was in complete command of Heat 10, when his bike packed up at the halfway stage of the race.

He started with two second places, and then recovered from his Heat 10 mishap to win Heat 14 and move onto seven points – without the engine failure, he would been on 10 points after four rides and just a point off the lead at this point. Killeen finished his night with a last place in Heat 18.

Meanwhile, fellow WSRA Oxford Charger Jody Scott (aged 16) put recent machinery troubles behind him to score five points.

A third Oxford representative – Oxford Cheetah Ashton Boughen – was a non-starter in unusual circumstances. As they were attempting to set off, a problem with the transmission of van keys locked the 16-year-old and his father out of their vehicle and they were unable to access Boughen’s speedway machinery.

Leicester’s Dan Thompson eventually won the meeting, after he won a run-off for first place, following a fall for rival Nathan Ablitt.

Killeen still has one more chance to win the meeting next season, while Scott and Boughen have another three attempts. None of the top three from last night are eligible next season.


1. Dan Thompson 14 – After run-off

2. Nathan Ablitt 14

3. Joe Thompson 12

Full scorers: Dan Thompson 14, Nathan Ablitt 14, Joe Thompson 12, Ben Trigger 10, Freddy Hodder 10, Sam McGurk 9, Luke Killeen 7, Max James 7, Luke Harrison 7, Mickie Simpson 7, Jody Scott 5, Vinnie Foord 5, Billy Budd 5, Max Perry 4, Senna Summers 2 Mark Parker 0.