PROMOTER’S NOTES WITH JAMIE COURTNEY – Oxford v Plymouth, BSN Series, Wednesday, May 17th

WE are reusing the programme from the rain off on April 12 for our home clash against Plymouth in the BSN Series at Sandy Lane tomorrow evening. Don’t forget to bring the programme back, if you already have one, to save yourself needing to buy another copy for £3! In the meantime, rather than deprive you of the thoughts of Oxford promoter Jamie Courtney, this week we’re publishing his notes online on this website.

WELL, it’s been quite a week since my last notes with torrential rain, crashes, medical notes and the like combining to keep us all on our toes.

The big blows were the loss of Jordan and Luke which makes tonight’s BSN wrap-up that bit more challenging.

Obviously neither us nor Plymouth can make it into the knockout stages but there is more than a little pride at stake.

It’s been a busy week for the Chargers with the eventful trips to Belle Vue and Mildenhall, but they got it off to a cracking start against National League favourites Leicester last Wednesday.

In fairness both teams coped really well in tricky conditions on a night which was only possible after the superb work of our track staff in coping with heavy rain which hit about 45 minutes before the start of the meeting.

Perhaps now some people will start to believe me when I say that we will always move heaven and earth to get a meeting raced. Postponements will always be an absolute last resort. We’ll also make sensible decisions – such as the one to call this meeting off a few weeks ago.

Last Wednesday we were able to utilise the industrial blowers – usually used to clear water off and shale the dog track covers – to disperse the puddles and some good old fashioned stiff yard brushes worked overtime too. Rather than let nature take its course, myself and the rest of the track staff were determined to salvage the night for those already either in the stadium or en-route to Cowley.

It was so effective that I’ve already ordered another couple of blowers – although in all honesty I’d prefer the weather to improve, especially on race days.

The attitude of the riders on both sides was first class, shall we say, and in marked contrast to some of their peers in the Championship and higher when it’s a little wet!

Anyway, after the first couple of races I think we managed to provide you with some good quality racing – which is always the aim.

The Chargers are back here next Wednesday when the Belle Vue Colts are the visitors, when I urge you to attend, if you have yet to experience a Chargers fixture at Cowley.

After that, the following week we are on Tuesday duty – against the Championship’s big guns, the Poole Pirates.

Elite League, Championship, BSN Series or – as on May 30 – Knockout Cup, there’s no such thing as a dull encounter between the Cheetahs and Pirates.

Obviously, the Pirates have started the season like a house on fire, but I think that anyone who was at Wimborne Road for the BSN meeting will agree that we performed much better than our final points tally.

Two-legged ties means that every point is vital. No slip-ups allowed.

While the league, especially qualification for the play-offs – is the prime aim of the season there’s still time to enjoy a good cup run.

There’s no bigger roadblock to success in the Championship than Poole – they are very much the team to beat. Which should make for a classic.