Saturday, June 15, 2024
Oxford Speedway

ARTICLE: Chloe’s Column

THIS week, we used a double insert with the Leicester rain-off programme so that supporters attending both meetings would not have to buy two separate programmes in the same week and could save themselves £3.

Our great team of programme contributors were advised accordingly. But due to what her dad Matt described as an ‘admin error’ on his behalf, we still received a column from our nine-year-old mascot Chloe Davis last Sunday, two days after our printers Curtis Sport had already despatched the eight-page insert, so that it could arrive in time for Spires vs Leicester on Monday.

We’re not ones to waste a good column, so without further ado, here it is:

SCOTTY Nicholls and Sam Masters – wowweeee! Heats 13 and 15 last week against Edinburgh with those two as a partnership was amazing to watch! And how good was it to see Ashton scoring so well at reserve? Spires’ captain Chris Harris was in the pits helping Ashton on Wednesday, it was great to see – a real ‘team Oxford’ feeling.

I didn’t ride on Wednesday as I have a sore left wrist. It first started after I rode grasstrack on Saturday and Sunday a few weeks ago. On the Monday morning my wrist and arm was really hurting, and dad said it was probably ‘arm pump’ from riding a lot. It carried on hurting and mum says it’s ‘tendonitis’ and has suggested I’d go to the doctors… which I absolutely refused to go in case they said I can’t ride until it’s better!!

On Saturday, my wrist felt good enough to go and ride in the first round of the Formula Grasstrack Association series in Ledbury, where I came second out of 7 competitors. I also managed to get my first race win of the season, working my way through from fifth on lap 1 to first place by lap 3! I was so happy and it was a great feeling!

It was a great meeting for me – I had 7 rides and managed 1 first place, 3 seconds, 2 third places and 1 fourth. If you want to see a video of my race win, dad has posted it on my Facebook page, just search for ‘Chloe Davis 9’ or click here.

Let’s hope for some more great racing tonight against Scunthorpe, and another home win.

See you soon!


PHOTO: Chloe at Ledbury (pic: Matt Davis)